7.1 Determination and rights of members

The corporation shall have only one class of members. No member shall hold more than one membership in the corporation. Except as expressly provided in or authorized by the Certificate of Incorporation, the Bylaws of this corporation, or provisions of law, all memberships shall have the same rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions.

7.2 Qualifications of members

Membership in this corporation shall be open to all individuals who trace their ancestry to the village of Deir Debwan and all other individuals who support the charitable purposes of this corporation.

7.3 Admission of members

Applicants shall be admitted to membership upon making application therefore in writing, upon approval of the application by the Secretary. of this corporation and upon payment of the first annual dues, as set forth below.

7.4 Membership and dues

The annual dues payable to the corporation by members shall be $100 for persons over the age of 18 and $50 for all other persons or as shall be determined from time to time by the Board of Trustees. All dues shall be due and payable annually within sixty (60) days of the commencement of the year for which membership dues are payable.

7.5 Number of members

There is no limit on the number of members the corporation. may admit.

7.6 Membership book
The corporation shall keep a membership book containing the name and address of each member. Termination of the membership of any member shall be recorded in the book, together with the date of termination of such membership. Such book shall be kept at the corporation’s principal office.

7.7 Nonliability of members

A member of this corporation is not, as such, personally liable for the debts, liabilities, or obligations of the corporation.

7.8 Nontransferability of memberships

No member may transfer a membership or any right arising there from. All rights of membership cease upon the member’s death.

7.9 Termination of membership
The membership of a member shall terminate upon the occurrence of any of the following events:

(a) Upon his or her notice of such termination delivered to the President or Secretary of the corporation personally or by mail, such membership to terminate upon the date of delivery of the notice or date of deposit in the mail.

(b) Upon a failure to renew his or her membership by paying dues on or before their due date.

(c) After providing the member with reasonable written notice and an opportunity to be heard either orally or in writing, upon a determination by the Board of Trustees that

the member has engaged in conduct materially and seriously prejudicial to the interests or purposes of the corporation. Any person expelled from the corporation shall receive a refund of dues already paid for the current dues period.

All rights of a member in the corporation shall cease on termination of membership as herein provided.