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Since 1979, a yearly convention for Deir-Debwan Charity Inc. is held on Memorial Day weekend. The convention is held one year in the East coast and the following year in the West coast. The Debwany community is scattered throughout the United States and the convention is a day where the community of Deir-Debwan in the US comes together to support the organization and have a reunion with family members, friends and old classmates. On the convention day, the committee members summarize the year to the member audience with all projects done through the past year, all pending projects still in progress and propose and discuss future plans and projects for the Organization and the Town in Palestine. During the convention, the budget is discussed, a summary of the budget received at the beginning of the year, income during the year from donations and memberships, expenses of the year and the final balance for the year all presented and discussed to the members at the convention. After a full End of Year report is presented to the members, the current committee members resign and new committee members are elected, the new committee members elect a president.